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Hey, get this! > Dishes Undressed also specialises in Gluten free cooking, Gluten Free demonstrations, Gluten Free consultation and advice, Gluten Free and Allergy friendly food, recipes and a brand new cook book for easy Gluten Free food solutions the whole family can enjoy. 

If you're hungry but don't know how to cook, Dishes Undressed is a new food revolution that will change your life.

Angie shows you how to cook uncomplicated meal ideas in real time for real life in the new video blog and mini cook videos series >> coming soon.

This is food undressed and stripped down to easy steps so we can all achieve healthy, tasty food in minutes.

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Our new website is coming soon.  In the meantime, call the kitchen if you need some tasty food inspiration fast or want to get involved if you're a school, community group or sponsor > 07780688293